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Believe it or not: no cucumbers with tomatoes!! [Israeli breakfast]

Much is also brought by the Rambam!

Incompatible food combinations:
Yogurt is incompatible with : fish, meat, cheese, starch products, sour fruits.
Milk is incompatible with: fish, meat, curd, sour fruits, cherries, melons, bread with yeast.
Potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants are incompatible with: cucumbers, yogurt and milk.
Eggs are incompatible with: milk, yogurt, meat, fish, cheese, bananas.
Lemons are incompatible with: yogurt, milk, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Melons should be consumed alone or not consumed at all.
Honey should never be cooked. If it is used as a sweetener for hot drinks it should be added when the drink cools to temperature for consumption.
Cold drinks put down the digestive fire especially when taken with the meals.
Ayurveda offers some advices concerning eating habits:
There should be at least 4-hours interval between the meals.
Do not drink water one hour before and one hour after eating. It is advisable to have a small quantity with the meal.
Do not eat many items in one meal.
If you feel heaviness after meal it means that you are making a mistake. Eat according to your own digestive capacity.
Do not mix fruits with your meal. Substitute one of the meals with fruits or eat them between the meals.
There should be at least 3 hours between the last meal and going to bed.
Sleeping in day time especially immediately after meal is harmful.
Short walk after meal helps digestion.
Do not eat when you are worried or depressed.
Do not eat if you are not hungry.
Eat in a clean and pleasant environment. Do not read a newspaper or watch the TV.
Do not eat in a hurry