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Since long, I wanted to transfer you some very personal experience with homeopathic treatment for [physiological and possibly also not physiological] jaundice of a newborn

If the jaundice [tzahevet] starts on the first or second day then the jaundice maybe not of the “physiological” type [= “normal”] and should certainly be checked by a doctor.

Anyhow, if it is decided that the baby is some yellow, according to my experience a homeopathic combination can help to speed up the recovery.

I have given advice [even by telephone] to the parents of “yellow babies” and have got very positive feed-back in connection with the drops I am giving now for many years to such newborns.

Often the Brit could be done in time because the bilirubin/or jaundice dropped rapidly and significantly after starting the drops. This is of course not sure for all cases

Even after a prolonged delay of the brit, because of an unexplainable prolonged jaundice I have seen rapid results.

The drops are a combination of homeopathic remedies which I found in various homeopathic books, some of them from India, advised for newborn babies with jaundice. The treatment is safe!!

I will write the prescription here-under.

If you wish you can print it out and if necessary use it- G-d willing for any such purpose.

Do realize that you of course should consult your doctor/mohelwhen a baby-boy has jaundice, but this is of course clear to everybody.

To give the drops you don t need permission from anybody, they are save!

Prescription of the drops [print out] and give it to a homeopathic pharmacy][ French pharmacy in gilo Myny [rehov Jafo 102 or any trustable homeopathic pharmacy]

Chamomilla /mercur.sol. /china / thyreoidine /aconitum , all as a D30 dil .

5 cc from each , together in on bottle!

Give the baby every two hours or so a drop under/on the tongue [from your finger]

Don’t wake him up for this [the drops can also be put with the finger on the inside of the lips], give for a day or a few days, dependent on the situation.

As always let me know your experience if necessary. Thanks!