Simple clinical medicine is fascinating in all aspects. If we’re seeing the amount of machinery used nowadays, then we can imagine that a lot of clinical medicine is not used in many cases and may get lost in the future [but the books describing this will stay]

As I am not working in hospitals I really don’t know how much is taught to medical students nowadays. What I do know is that nutrition is totally ignored in the education[since ages]

A [sad] example to describe an example of clinical medicine [no machines needed]: let’s say that a patient may “benefit” from claiming to be nearly blind [G-d forbid, a Jew will not play with these things as he knows that he may endanger himself , as the Creator knows everything]

Anyhow, for the demonstration of clinical medicine I brought this example: a doctor may ask him to bring his fingertips together [let’s say from the second finger ] from a distance. The guy who is malingering may not be able to do this because he thinks that this will prove his case and he should have difficulty doing this. The real blind person will be able to do this easily [as this nervous system is using proprioception for this!!

From bedside diagnosis: Sapira