Sher Afgan·December 26Former WriterWhat’s the most insane thing a human has survived?

‘Half-Headed’ Man

Carlos Rodriguez is a man without a brain.

From birth, this guy was completely normal and nothing on the physical indicators was radically different from peers. As a teenager, Carlos contacted a bad company and started using alcohol and drugs. The tragedy that changed his life occurred when he was 14 years old. Being in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication, Carlos stole a car and got into an accident. During the collision, the teenager flew through the windshield and hit his head on the asphalt. The doctors managed to save his life, but a significant fragment of the skull and brain had to be removed.

Brain Injuries Are Not Always Deadly

A noteworthy fact is that after all operations and period of rehabilitation, the patient, who had lost much of the brain, did not change at all. He retained all the memories and mental abilities. Despite the fact that Carlos Rodriguez is a “man without a brain” (he clearly demonstrates the photo in the article), he continues to smile, is able to support conversation on various topics, quickly and appropriately answers the questions posed. Scientists today do not have a precise explanation of how one can live without the brain and retain most of the mental functions. A popular hypothesis in the scientific community is that the nerve endings in the abdominal part are partially replaced by the traditional organ of thinking.