I’ve been reading about Liposomal Vitamin C, powdered C from ascorbic acid, and all sorts of other manufactured items.

Could you please discuss the differences and what you suggest for your patients?


Shabbat Shalom, chodesh tov,

I am really not the super-expert in these areas but from all I have seen don’t waste money on all kind of claims. Of course fruits are the best form of vitamin C [They contain all kind of other enhancing compounds, but many people may stay at the lower level with their fruit intake.]

Virtually all vitamin C seems to be produced in China today [even the big brands!] and I would fancy not buying these.

Below I send you a link of the vitamin C I order myself [the ascorbate form]

It is better to take vitamin C 2 to 3 times per day instead of once per day, dividing the dose you are taking over 2 or more portions.

One extra remark: If you are taking for a long time a relatively high dose of vitamin C and then suddenly stop with it, you may feel all kind of “rheumatic pains”[bones/muscles etc] and flu like symptoms so never stop suddenly with long term use.

If you take vitamin C in higher dose and also zinc it may be important to take extra copper a few times per week to prevent a copper deficiency , especially for men.

https://www.iherb.com/tr/cb?pcodes=SOL-00640qty1sid0_CGN-01236qty1sid0&v=2&rcode=RKK609 vitamin C and copper