Dear Dr. DeMesquita,

I have been following your protocol for about eight months for myself, and now wish to report the results.

My Mother’s caretaker brought her xtian friends to the house also for xmas and also for December 31, 2020, both of which fell on a Thursday night.
By Sunday January 3 the caretaker wasn’t feeling well. This continued for several days, and I didn’t suspect corona, but by Wednesday, I brought my Mother to my home so she wouldn’t get catch whatever the caretaker had.

I asked her senior center to pick her up at my home the following day, but they said they wouldn’t let Mom come back without a corona test. Okay, I took her for a test on Thursday morning, and she seemed to be fine. That is, until motza”sh when she needed to go to bed at about 9 PM. My Mother, at 92, doesn’t nap during the day, and she goes to bed quite late. I was curious, but not concerned. She complained of a stuffed nose over Shabbat, but I also didn’t think anything was amiss.

Later motza”sh I received the results that Mom was POSITIVE for corona! Her caretaker continued to be quite ill, but based on the advice I received, by Monday I brought her back home, for she didn’t understand why I was trying to keep her in a room by herself here!

Mom’s symptoms were only a stuffed nose and extreme sleepiness for about a week or so. Her 42 year old caretaker was sick for about three weeks, tho she was never tested.

By Sunday morning my 20 year old daughter was SICK – fever, chills, headache, backache, nausea – I put her directly into quarantine in her room. I dosed her with everything under the sun – oscillium, esberitox, oregano oil pills, vitamins C, D, zinc, boswellia, colloidal silver, and of course Portulaca. I brought her for a test by Monday – it came back NEGATIVE. I brought her for another test on day 9 (she’d been sick for 8 days) and that also came back NEGATIVE.

I also was tested twice, both of those tests were NEGATIVE, but I have not been sick a day. I do not choose for any of my loved ones to get any of the injections. My daughter took an antibody test today through Meuhedet, where I hear they expect an extremely high number before they allow for the presence of antibodies. I do not know the number, but her doctor reported that she did not have any antibodies.