For many years I have been prescribing cordyceps [together with others, like Reishi and Rheum palmatum[Chinese Rhubarb] for chronic kidney failure. [see various attachments in this mail]

Below advice from Dr Weil to use it for stamina-energy which we all can use!

I think that good brands are: I just choose two brands

Feeling Sluggish? Get Energized With Cordyceps | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) has long been used in China as an energizing tonic for people debilitated by age, illness, or injury. More recently, cordyceps has been used by athletes to help increase endurance. It may help you to overcome general weakness and fatigue, and acts as a tonic for physical stamina, overall vitality, low mood, and more.

Evidence from studies in kidney transplant patients suggests that cordyceps can help improve kidney function. Studies in mice and rats have found that cordyceps can lower blood sugar, but this has not been confirmed in humans.

Cordyceps is available in tincture, powder and as a liquid extract – look for liquid or powdered extracts grown on grain, not grown on caterpillars. To treat general weakness, low mood or compromised overall vitality, Dr. Weil recommends taking cordyceps once or twice a day, following the dosage advice on the product (generally 5 to 10 grams daily). For health maintenance, take it once or twice a week. There are also now some products you mix with hot water, serving as a coffee alternative, “pick-me-up” beverage.

My remark: Dr Weil use much higher dose than I have been using, maybe I should try the higher dose as well [not cheap then]

Further[by me]

What we can learn from traditional societies [ Arabic, Persian, Indians and others] if we would not be too arrogant in the West.  [forget politics for a moment….] 

Of these, Apiaceae family was the most prevalent. Paronychia argentea, Plantago ovata, Punica granatum, Taraxacum syriacum, Morus alba and Foeniculum vulgare were the most commonly used plant species in the treatment of kidney stones, while Capsella bursa-pastoris, Ammi visnaga and Ammi majus were the most recommended species for treatment of urinary tract infections and Portulaca oleracea used for renal failure  [the portulaca we use for Flu]

Portulaca oleracea המשמש לאי ספיקת כליות [הפורטולקה שאנו משתמשים בשפעת]