From A Nation Is Born (Shemos 20:14): “‘You shall not covet … .’ This Commandment is specified because it deals with a most general and far-reaching matter: the emotion of Envy. This includes envy at the prestige which a fellowman possesses or his superiority in intelligence or in achievement … . Among the ‘Three matters that take a man out of the world’ (Avos 4:21), the first (and therefore the worst) is Envy. Thus, Korach went lost because of envy; and also the great personalities of Doeg and of Achitofel brought disaster upon themselves; and because of envy Yaraveam ben Nevat tore away the Ten Tribes and caused them to go lost. This powerful emotion was intended for stimulating men to acquire more virtue (‘The envy of scholars causes the increase of wisdom’ — Bava Basra 22a), but it is potentially also a major peril in the histories of men and of nations.”

Astor, Yaakov. Rav Avigdor Miller on Olam Haba (p. 340). The Judaica Press, Inc.. Kindle Edition.