My remarks: No” EBM” [ Evidence based medicine] , no double-blind trials etc will help us further with prescribing drugs, only some Yirat shemayim [ being G-d fearing], simple trying to be honest, will do some good. May we all strife for this and our world will be blessed. 

(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Recent cases of false reporting in scientific research have led to studies on the deceptive practice. Unfortunately, researchers find altering or making up data is more common than once thought, particularly within medical research.

From fake stem cell lines to made up cancer trials, fraudulent research has been published in the world’s most prestigious journals. And in a new study, as many as two-percent of scientists came forward, admitting fabricating, falsifying or altering data to “improve the outcome” of their studies. Another 34 percent admitted to omitting contradicting results and leaving out data or observations.

Medical and pharmacological researchers reported instances of misconduct most frequently. Study authors add it is likely some respondents did not answer honestly, so their data should be considered conservative.

SOURCE: PLoS ONE, published online May 29, 2009