A suggestion

For the moment I see people on skype and often instruct them how to treat pains by acuprssure or BETTER ACUPUNCTURE with minimalm amount of needles [sometimes only one or 2 needles]

Even if you never had a needle in your hand before, it is easy to learn / to do even after one meeting. I will never choose potential dangerous points of course.

I do advise most of you to purchase some needles which have no expiration date [of course there is such a thing written on the box but this is nor relevant unless you keep the needles in the sun and the plastic separates.

One day you may need the needles.

Feel free to order.

I send you some minimal suggestions what to buy


CHOOSE: 0.30X75 מומלצת לסטימולציה חזקה של צ’י, מוקסה ואלקטרו   buy one package

 choose the .030X 30 2 boxed and 0.16X15 one box