There is hardly any field in which I have more experience than in the treatment with vitamin B12.

I only states this because I have seen enough patients who got psychiatry drugs instead of vitamin B12 or all kind of other drugs when the only problem was a vitamin B12 deficiency!

Also, aphthous ulcers often disappear with enough vitaminB12

I have sent tens if not a hundred of articles about vitamin B12, but these were on Yahoo which removed all the mails [from everyone] I slowly try to upload them again to WordPress.

Also, enough miscarriages failed IVF’s probably because of deficient vitamin B12 [according to the laboratory “stars” the results were within the norm…… a sad mistake!

Below I send you a copy from a commentary I sent to ConsumerlLab in the USA

May 13, 2018

Personal experience during many years as a physician [ I posted this once, and you published it] demands me to write you again.
Since long! [in the eighties since this was published BMJ/Lancet?]I have been using B12 for aphthous ulcers with excellent results with tens of patients [likely far more than 100], this was with cyanocobalamine injections
Often I had to repeat one or 2 injections some twice per year.
When sublingual cyanocobalamine became available I switched these patients to the tbl and all of them soon came back as the sub-ling tablets seemed not to be effective!!
When methylcobalamine became available, injections were not necessary anymore !
I can’t ignore this personal long experience and no literature will convince me otherwise, as people so often copy from each other without personal experience.
Hard to believe that I am the only practitioner with this experience.

May 14, 2018

Hi Harold – Thank you for sharing this. You can find information about the use of B12 for canker sores in the B Vitamin Supplements Review: Also see the CL Answer: