I probably have omitted[forgotten] some! Please write me if you think anything with”substance” was forgotten.

For details search other articles on my WordPress or on the Internet.

Some of them below as ROUTINE, others according to need.[to discuss with your doctor

My personal choice which has worked for nearly a full year now: except from vitamin D Portulaca and echinacea, not known to “authorities”[because of lack of interest].

This does not EXCLUDE the choice to vaccinate.

PERSONAL PRAYER–GENERAL RULES as everyone knows–pure healthy nutrition–moving [peula gufanit]–Vaccination–Vitamin D–zinc–quercetin [onions!]–sitting in park with pine trees/cypresses once per week if possible!!–licorice [small amounts, if no hypertension]–vitaminC–Nac–Boswellia–myrrh–all kind of spices [cloves, cinnamon, turmeric etc[masala!]–vitamin A–vitamin K2– selenium [a Brazil nut per day for vegans]–blueberries—-ketzach [nigella]– cold/warm showers[sauna]–green tea—-vitamin B12–plenty sleep in dark room[melatonin]–homeopathy[arsenicum album, adhatoda or others]

[only by medical advice: CD24-Exosomes!!!!– colcicine–ivermectin–hydroxychloroquine–doxyxycline–steroids[budicort]minocyclin! For neurological complications [NOT RECOGNIZED BY MOST DOCTORS] and all other forgotten to mention systems…