Glucosamine is a natural substance found mostly in cartilage
As a supplement it is manufactured and the best form is glucosamine sulfate.
It stimulates the production of cartilage and the repair of joints and improves mobility.

Used extensively for osteoarthritis without damaging the stomach.[but it can cause some stomachs upset or diarrhoea and gas]
There have been some doubt if glucosamine can raise blood sugar, but the chance is small or absent.
Is an orthopedic surgeon tell you that is does “not work” then ask him to look around…..

I have found glucosamine very useful for knee problems and rarely for other joints.

Try 3x per day 500 mg with food, it may take 2 months before the full effects are felt.
Use the smallest dose that helps you in the long run.
Many products are available on the market.
You don’t need the one made from crab shells as there are products made from corn.

There are very few products which are made without shell fish ingredients.
Even if these are allowed to be used [by Jews] as the capsules are swallowed, people maybe allergic to these compounds.
Solgar has one, but they put an aspirin compound[[herb] in it [willow bark]
[ingredients: Vitamin C, Manganese, Ginger Root and White Willow Bark extracts.] so better not buy this

A good brand is: Bluebonnet Kosher Vegetarian Glucosamine MSM (Shellfish Free) 120 Vegetable Capsules with MSM added. I have a good experience with this
Another is: Maxi Health Kosher Premium Glucosamine Complex with HyaMax, OptiMSM & Bromelain 180 Capsules
[no experience with it]

Often glucosamine supplements have other products added as you will see.