Chodesh tov ve-sameach!

This is not about vaccinations but about Portulaca. Until today, I have not heard about anyone who is regularly taking Portulaca who really got sick with Corona.

Today a mother told me that her son was taking portulaca and got corona. I called the sun [as I do with anyone who tells me that a family member got corona while taking portulaca and in all cases I found out that the facts were different!!] I asked him clear questions. Furthermore, I never claimed that someone who is taking portulaca can’t get infected-get positive][I don’t know!], but I don’t see sick people with corona who DO take portulaca regularly!!

It came out that he and his wife were NOT taking Portulaca , he took it 2 months earlier and stopped, but his wife never took it. He started taking it again when he got diagnosed , he was only slightly sick and was better in one or two days. His wife [who never took portulaca before was a bit more sick but also started and got better a bit later.

I called the mother back, and she suggested that the sun might have told her that he took the drops regularly to prevent her from worrying!

Probably some/many of the readers already got vaccinated. May all of you be safe for now and in the future!

I do advice for those ASKING me, to continue with the Portulaca even if they are vaccinated.

The research I sent to you a few days ago [first article on my WordPress ] about a Chinese formula used for Corona containing 4 herbs where one of them is Portulaca seems not to have been mentioned by any media in the world. It could be tremendous financial damage for the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

I don’t believe/trust any Chinese propaganda/ products [even if we are using them daily] but Chinese traditional medicine I DO trust [herbs, acupuncture] from own experience. In the past [and for sure also now] many Chinese formulas have been adulterated in the West [before they reach the client] to make them more potent [added in the West: steroids, hormones, painkillers etc] and the Chinese themselves are master falsifiers of themselves [see the “baby milk formula” from many years ago and the dolls they filled up with asbest![asbestos]

I hope to send to you next week-b”h- a summary of the most prevalent medicines/systems used until now for Corona [except for my “own portulaca”]