You don’t believe in herbs, you don’t believe in any natural ways of healing, you seem to believe if your own “super-power”…….that is what I experienced in all the years that I am in Israel.

For so many years it did not occur to you to inform the Israeli public about the importance of vitamin B12, about vitamin D, about the harm of margarine[known for at least since 1970] about the importance of Folic acid [only in the last 20 years or so you corrected this, thanks G-d] and about so much more! It is claimed / published that still every day many people pass away from Corona. Below “another” claim in Israel which I tend to believe………….why should anyone die at this moment if you would allow this method to be applied to anyone in life-threatening condition?? Can there be any serious harm from this? Most unlikely. There are other innocent drugs that can be used, but they don’t find favor in your “scientific eyes” and that seems to be more important than saving lives. One thing I want to add: your task is not an easy one, so ask the Creator daily for help, and I am sure some of your staff is doing so.

Tel Aviv Hospital Cures 29 of 30 COVID-19 Patients in Days