Please let me know of anyone you know about, who was quite sick …..

בע” Dear Dr. Bueno de-Mesquita, My husband fell ill with symptomatic corona, fever, coughing, etc. – he was the only one, being the oldest in the household (65), to be really ill, in bed. He started taking Portulaca about 2 days later, as we didn’t have any at home at the time, and he was over the difficult stage within 2 days and practically healthy within another day or two. The same with my daughter-in-law’s mother. Their whole family were positive at the same time, but the youngsters were OK more or less. The mother had been coughing heavily and totally drained for 2-3 weeks. It took them 2-3 days to get portulaca, but as soon as she started taking it she felt relief – within hours, and within 2-3 days almost stopped coughing, and got back to herself. Another 2-3 days and she was back at work. My married daughter was tested positive with her baby, and felt much better the next day after portulaca.