COVID – A Wakeup Call Article in the Townsend letter[The Examiner of Alternative Medicine]
Some remarks:

Research is finding that critically ill coronavirus patients are deficient in the micronutrients used by our immune system. In Spain, it was found that vitamin C levels were so low as to be undetectable in more than 90% of patients with coronavirus-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome. Another Spanish study showed that giving patients vitamin D reduced the odds of ICU admission by 98%. In the Netherlands, patients who died from the virus or who had to go into intensive care had much lower levels of vitamin K than healthy people. In Germany and China, the lower your level of selenium, the more you were likely to die from COVID-19. , Ditto for zinc which prevents viral replication. , Most micronutrients are not produced in the body and must be gotten from our diet.

Neither the CDC, nor the WHO, nor any other mainstream authority is telling us to eat a nutrient-rich diet to stop feeding chronic illness and protect ourselves against COVID-19. Unlike the warnings given to us now about smoking, we are not discouraged from drinking sodas or eating processed foods. There is no official advice to supply ourselves with basic nutrients the immune system needs like zinc paired with quercetin (quercetin is a plant extract that does what hydroxychloroquine does – drives the big zinc molecule into the cell), and vitamins C and D.