It is an avera [sin] to get “frustrated”, but here-in the video that follows- I really have difficulty to keep neutral.[see at the end of the page]

For some 40 years I have been “fighting “with doctors/hopspitals and patients etc NOT to reduce fever in case of infectious diseases because there were plenty of animal experiments that showed that this could increase mortality and SIMPLE LOGIC dictated this, for anyone who studied a bit of biology. No one ever wanted to listen as this was not what the medical text books said [even not the WHO, UNBELIEVABLE]

Why not? Simply it makes the disease more prolonged and dangerous because the body produce fever as a defense mechanism!! And if you want to go against body wisdom [“Divine created wisdom”] you may receive the “price”

Just lately I sent you the article below


Fever, acute diseases[colds, flu, sore throats, upset stomach etc.] in children older than 9 months, always count the breathing for a full minute while asleep [see former articles about breathing frequency]

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You may ask a health food shop of herbal pharmacy to  combine the following herbs for you:

Achillea mill / Sambucas / Mentha pip. / Tilia , equal parts of each [for example 30 gram of each] and to add Chamomile /Melissa /Catnip[=nepata cataria] 15 gram of each.

To be mixed all together. Take a full table spoon of the mixture and make a tea[to be covered for some 15 minutes], strain and give often little bits to drink . NO acamol [paracetamol] or even worse Nurofen[ibuprofen]!

Fever, Fluids, Food in acute infections

Dr. John Campbell
Thank you so much Stephen for this fascinating insight into your work and research, Stephen A Hoption Cann PhD Clinical Professor, School of Population & Public Health Faculty of Medicine | University of British Columbia 261-2206 East Mall | Vancouver BCHere is the fever article…