For nearly a year now Portulaca has been used by patients, extended families and friends as a trial to PREVENT CORONA. I can’t tell you how many people are taking Portulaca as I don’t keep track of that,

Indeed during this year i have not heard of ONE patient who contracted Corona except for one family where the whole history was not clear to me. If I heard that a patient got Corona I called to ask for details and it always was the same kind of story: last few weeks I did not take it or just once or twice per week I took some and even so these persons were not really sick.

I got tens and tens of telephone from families with friends with Corona who asked me to help [ all by telephone] As far as I know [these were not my patients] all of them got better in a relative short time]

The last few days I got the following messages:

——-one woman who was in London for a chatuna [marriage] got light symptoms and was tested positive, but was hardly sick. She used Portulaca but not sure if this was the Portulaca we advise[from England][imported by Ketzar] She could not find out what she used.

—–one woman got a bit of a cold was tested positive and is further healthy and used Portulaca as prescribed

——a 70 year old man with a strong cardiological past history and slightly diabetic got a slight fever and was tested positive but feels totally well and was really never sick. He goes regularly  to the beit knesset, shopping etc and it did not close himself at home

I may expect to hear may be from a few more people who get tested positive, seeing what is going around in the country.

All in all I highly recommend anyone to take Portulaca and echinacea 2x per day 30 drops from each or to CONTINUE taking this. I really don’t care if this pleases the health authorities who only believe in their own power.

Thanks, G-d the Portulaca seems to work until now and I pray that it will continue protecting those taking it.

To look up why I start using this  since 2009 look for other articles I wrote on WordPress.

How to search?

Control+F and enter the word corona and later also portulaca.

Keep healthy and also if you are being vaccinated continue taking the drops or stop for a week or so that in case of side effects from the vaccine Pfeizer will not accuse the plant…..

I do pray also that the vaccine will work and not cause any real harm and if so that the authorities will have the COURAGE to stop it straight away.