LEONURUS CARDIACUS: especially for women problems and nervous heart conditions.
Known in English as Motherwort

This already hints to  a traditional association with the “mother” [uterus] Cardiacus hints to the cardiac properties of Leonurus which has been known for long in Europe. Indications: all kind of female problems amenorrhoea [no or delayed menstruation] dysmenorrhoe[menstrual pains ,vaginism[cramps], PMS [premenstrual pains] Maybe uses for preventing menstruation irregularities before marriage because of tension involved with all the preparations [please don’t listen to any adviser who wants to give the Pill [hormones] for this purpose Used to help induce labor and used during labor to prevent false contractions and in case of placenta retention, can be used directly after birth for some 5 days and may also stimulate lactation. Not advised in pregnancy or only in small doses for palpitations or nervousness. Palpitations in general caused by anxiety/stress may slightly help for high blood pressure [combined with tilia and crataegus] To become a “merry, cheerful soul” [Culpepper: 17th century] Menopause with palpitations Hyperthyroidea Cramps, chorea, convulsions[epilepsy] Maybe helpful against mononucleosis [EBV] and the compound ursolic acid in the herb has been found to inhibit leucemia and some other cancers. Dose: 3 cups of tea per day [3 gram per cup]  Just a few drops or up to 3x 1/2 teaspoon per day of a tincture in water Safety: quite safe! [don’t use in pregnancy and in case of cardiac failure [i-sfikat lev] The herb has a bitter taste.