Question How do you answer someone who says: Why should we have to praise G-d? We are dependent today not so much upon G-d, but upon science and technology. Science is the answer to our problems. Answer It’s like a kallah at her wedding. As all the guests are leaving, they thank her for making such a grand wedding. However, this girl happens to have a little more sense than others, so she replies, “Don’t thank me. My father paid for the whole thing.”So, too, the machinery by which these things are made available to us is unimportant. If the grocery man gives you a loaf of bread, we understand that he did not produce the bread. The baker made it. But the baker did not make it, because the farmer made it. Now, the farmer did not make it, because Hashem made it. No scientist today is able to produce bread. Think about that. The whole of DuPont and all the best chemical laboratories in the world combined can’t make bread. Therefore, in the final analysis, all they can do is take what Hashem, what the Almighty’s creation, gives them. They can transport it for us or package it, but it’s always Hashem. That is why He is called Elyon, the Most High. All the technologies can only make use of the things that are being given down the line to them. One more thing we have to add, of course, is that technology itself is only a gift. Mr. Goodyear is given credit for the invention of modern rubber. Do you know how he discovered rubber? Pure accident. By accident, some sulfur and rubber were melted together. Mr. Goodyear wanted to throw it out. He thought it was junk. Then he saw that it had some solid substance to it. It was like natural rubber, but better. Much better. And then he discovered that the way to make this rubber was by wetting it in sulfur. That is how Mr. Goodyear became rich. That is why there are Goodyear tires in the world. Now, in the same way, Priestley discovered oxygen. Priestly states as follows: “My discovery of oxygen was nothing but pure chance. I happened to be holding a lighted candle at that time, and a certain gas became ignited. That is how I discovered it.” And he said, “More is due to chance than any other factor that we can attribute it to.” Now, all the scientists today are rich in the accumulation of the discoveries of the last generation that have piled up. But these people themselves are too poor mentally to be able to manipulate the secrets of the universe. It’s only because Hashem has revealed it to them little by little.Therefore, today even a savage can be taught to manufacture certain chemicals. He does not have to know anything, except that which came to him as a result of what others taught him. Of course, the others also got it from others. And the Original One who released the secrets to them is the same One who released the materials to them: Hashem.

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