Reported October 29, 2013Four Foods that Make your Skin Glow
(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Last year, $844 million was spent globally on skincare products, but what if the answer to clear skin could be found in your fridge?
Papaya can be found in facial scrubs, but are you eating it, too? It exfoliates and is packed with vitamin- c, which helps brighten and tighten the skin.
Want to stop acne? Drink one ounce of coconut kefir. This probiotic crowds out microbes that cause acne and hormonal imbalance.
And if you’re suffering from dry skin, eat beets. They reverse dull skin by stimulating the lymphatic system and removing waste from our cells.
If late nights, alcohol, and indulgent foods have taken a toll, try using black seeds.  This skin-beautifying supplement is packed with essentials that can restore your skin’s radiance and elasticity.