Dear Dr. Demasquita for a long time I want to write to you about a few Things.Let’s start with the CONSTIPATION עצירות
For a few Years there it is known about a research telling people to drink three cups of water when they wake up. I have been trying it for a long while and it works. I am doing it almost every single day and I can tell you that it cleans the body very efficiently. Drinking more water during day again in three cups dose can help in worse cases and can complete the job. I am sure that the problem of many people can be easily solved this way. This is true without mentioning other benefits of drinking wate

One more very important issue is ‘קצח’ . You mentioned it once or twice. I have to tell you a personal story. When I was a kid I had problems with asthma. It was stopped but came back after I had a serious pneumonia when I was 17. I suffered from attacks of allergic runny nose’ coming very frequently. I suffered for days every time it began. my nose was dripping and I could not function in these days. It resulted usually with asthma.The solution came when I was sent to a very old person came from China who investigated these issues and who offered me a powder made of 70% ginger and the rest קצח and also a bit of תמר הינדי  (hard to get now with a good Hech’sher. one can use concentration sold in spice stores). He told me that the ginger elevates the immunity system of the body and the  ‘קצח’ takes care about the nose issue. The results were great. The frequency of the attacks was cut down to about 15% from what it was before in a few months, and it improved my life quality dramatically. When I stopped taking it for a few years, it came back. So you can offer your patients to try this idea