Padma 28 is a famous Tibetian complex herbal formula.
It has a proven record for some vascular problems especially claudicatio intermittens 
I wrote in the past about this and you may look it up at:

I saw may yeas ago [and by now have a lot of experience with it] a very interesting article about the treatment of dental pulpitis with Padma.[published by a dentist…..against his own interests……….may he be abundantly be blessed!
This condition nearly always lead to a root canal treatment and who in the world would lie this?
It seems that Padma could prevent in many cases such a treatment……..healing root abscesses
Even if you have a very acute case, you may want to try it.
Don’t use Padma if you get coumadin [or so] but discuss this first with your doctor if he is interested in these thing
The recommended dose is often 2 to 3 times per day 2 tablets for acute cases.