Personally I have found is some cases arsenicum album most useful especially when patients complained from burning symptoms[legs, hands ] which I saw a few times wit Corona and also for sudden weakness

Hi Harold,Even though homeopathy is not “clinically proven” to cure covid infections, a large number of homeopaths around the world are finding these remedies helpful in reducing the flu like symptoms they see in their patients (A more complete list of remedies and dispensing pharmacies is on – One of the most regularly prescribed homeopathic remedies where the patient might feel warm all over their body, have a dry mouth, nose or throat, slight headache, is irritable or doesn’t like to talk or move much. Symptoms seem to be worse with movement and better while laying still. They might have a desire for cold air or cold drinks (similar to phosphorus) Arsenicum album seems to help people who have difficulty breathing, maybe thirsty or have a dry mouth, have possible diarrhea or loose stools, chills and overall weakness. Sulphur: Feeling of warmth all over body, may have burning sensations, desire for cool air and cold drinks. Later may develop dry cough. Feel tired or sleepy, may be irritable. Tend to talk a lot.Phosphorus: Feeling of warmth all over and a desire for cold drinks. May have extreme thirst. Dry mouth, nose and throat. Tired and anxious. Prefers to be around company and close to people. Disclaimer: These remedies are not supposed to treat coronavirus. Please seek medical advice and follow government guidelines if you suspect any infection. You’ll find more remedies and professional dispensing pharmacies on – just scroll to the bottom for the list of homeopathic remedies for “flu like symptoms”. With love and light, Ameet Stay Connected For These Upcoming Free Webinars For YouOvercoming Anxiety and FearReversing Brain DegenerationHealing Your Lymphatic SystemThe Best Ways to Weight LossAutoimmunity SummitLiver and Gut Super Webinar