Asparagus: some Israeli never heard about this vegetable or never eat it.
Asparagus is used in traditional Indian medicine as a diuretic, it is considered good for women issues [ increases fertility, reducing menstrual cramps and can help with breastfeeding and possibly increase sperm count in men.

In Indian and Chinese medicine  it is considered to be able to help to gain mental stability, a quiet mind and to stimulate feelings of compassion and love. [how much needed now!] and to help with a good memory as well.
It is high in various important nutrients, very rich in potassium and folate, the last  so important for women who want to become pregnant! Further rich in vitamin k and quercetin and fiber. It contains inulin, a fiber which is a good prebiotic, an important “food” for the good bacteria in the gut.
It is high in glutathione [like PORTULACA], so for sure good to eat in “Corona times’
It seems to inhibit the growth of human leukemia cells.
In general it is low in pesticides.
Eating asparagus can give the urine a very special strong smell as most of you may have experienced.
This is harmless.