Israeli medtech firm claims it may have found Covid-19 cure

Michiel Willems

A new treatment based on proteins could cure people with the Covid-19 virus, an Israeli startup claims.

According to Tel Aviv-based Novel Concepts Medical, the treatment is a combination of natural compounds and was proven in lab results to show a significant decrease in the amount of the Covid-19 ‘spike protein’ within a few hours of incubation.

The company’s founder, Dr. Rachel R. Alkalay, who is a PhD graduate of Queen Mary University London, explained to City A.M. that the spike protein is the part in the virus that connects the virus to the cell.

“All the research in the world is focused on this spike protein. We managed to decompose it. Essentially, this is the equivalent of taking the fuel out of a car,” Alkalay said.

“We are currently repurposing compounds that have already been tested on millions of people safely for other purposes. Our findings show that it is very possible to have an immediate effect in inhibiting the virus in people who have been exposed,” she added.

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The Novel Concepts Medical formula was tested at the Smart Assays Lab in the Weizmann Science Park in Israel.

Dr Celeste Weiss-Katz, an expert in proteins at Tel Aviv University, confirmed that the lab reports demonstrated that the formula decomposed the Covid-19 spike proteins.

“It is clear to see from the lab results that the Novel Concepts Medical formula causes a significant reduction in the S1 and S2 proteins,” she said.

Alkalay said Novel Concepts Medical is now looking to collaborate with hospitals, both in Israel and other countries, to begin clinical trials.