Acute abdominal pain may be difficult to diagnose. I want to give you a golden rule here which I have been taught in medical school but not often found this back or stressed in modern textbooks. I was disappointed to hardly see the symptom I am going to describe to be mentioned in a Google search

An attack of a kidney / ureter stone can be excruciating painful but this can also be the case with other abdominal pains. The pain of a kidney stone radiates very often to the groin area or the genital area It is not a single time that I got a call from a patient in the hospital who told me that doctors where not sure what the attack was and they had to wait for all kind of examinations.

If there is a very sharp pain and the patient can’t sit still or lie down for a moment THEN you can be probably for 100% sure that there is a kidney stone colic…….a simple but extremely reliable symptom.

By the way an US can be just as useful-or even better- than a CT scan if one needs to confirm the diagnosis……… need for excessive radiation.