I have not heard from ONE family taking regularly Portulaca and echinacea being infected with corona or better said: being tested positive or being sick, except for one family [not my patients where various details are not clear to me]. I had already a lot of experience with Portulaca since 2009 for prevention and treatment for Influenza and when Corona started I asked all my patients to try it as well. Very soon we already saw great results. I tried to interest MOH [misrad ha-briut] and many organisations……no body cared to look into it or to contact me. [ Ha-kol min Ha-Shamayim…..]

You can find on my WordPress site already a lot of articles I posted on Corona [in connection with Portulaca and others.] I sent them in the past via Yahoo-mail.

In sept 2019 Taiwan researchers published a great article about Portulaca .. it left the world “cold”

I advise every one to consider using these herbal drops. Those with organ transplants [or very rare medical conditions] should ask!!