As a result of much labor, he is able to call out be’emes. There is a great deal of work to be done from saying the words to feeling the words, and most people are not doing it. They are busy with other things. That is why it says in Ashrei: “Hashem is close to all who call out to Him in truth.” How great an accomplishment it is for a person who is able to call out to Hashem “honestly.” It’s a great thing. By calling out to Hashem, we learn that He comes close to you. It’s not just a mashal. The Shechinah comes close to a man who calls out to Him. How should you call to Him? “Help!” “Shema koleinu!” “Give me parnassah!” “Heal me!” Anything you want. If you call out to Him, Hashem is close to you, because that is what He wants. That is the awareness, the real yiras Hashem. If you feel that He is the one to Whom to direct your requests, then He becomes close to you. But there is a condition. L’chol asher yikra’uhu be’emes, to all those who call out to Him in truth.” You have to call sincerely.

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