For the “Yiddishe Mamma” : my child does not eat….

July 13, 2012

For the “Yiddishe Mamma” : my child does not eat…………

If you really think that there is a problem, especially if your child is lacking energy, then see your physician. If nothing specifically can be “pinpointed” at [no anemia, no B12 lack, no chronic [urinary] infections etc] then you may try the following [while realizing that there are many other ways: homeopathy, zinc, etc ]
Buy: mixed in one bottle the following tinctures:
angelica arch. 15 cc / arctium lappa 15cc / foenic. 10 cc / hibiscus sabd. 30 cc/ carum carvi 20 cc/ levisticum 5cc / eupatorium D2  5ccGive in some juice 3 times a day before food some  15 drops for a child from 1-3 years.The improvement should be within days.

Don’t make too much fuss……………a child has the right not to eat if it does not want.