If you have family/friends or others from who you are aware that thy would like to[continue] receiving my mails, the please forward this mail to them.

From tomorrow on  [15 December] I will not be able to send anymore to any of you any email [ groupmail] via Yahoo-group. Anyone who still wants to receive mails is asked to sign in on my new site: Wordpress

How to do that? Just click on:dr-bueno.com,  Then you will see a space where you can enter your email and after that click on “follow”[below the e-mail you entered] You will then get an email where you are asked to “confirm”[le-asher] that you asked to be subscribed to Wordpress [of course for FREE] If you have done that you will  get a next e-mail that will tell you that you are subscribed now to Wordpress and any mail I send to the group you will get sent to your email.

You choose what you want to read. I will slowly try to enter on Wordpress all medical mails I sent during the many years and which were wiped out by Google and Yahoo. That will take some time of course. On Wordpress you will have an excellent possibility to search for articles and I hope everyone will be able to find some useful  information b”h.