In my opinion there is no need for a single conventional drug for the treatment or prevention of osteoporosis.

Hope to post older articles I sent in th past.

Resendimg now an article from 2006 about Fosamax, no idea if doctors still prescribe this.

The neweer drugs are not any better and there is plenty of sound advice possible.

For years I have been advising patients not to use this drug,
prescribed like “madness” to many patients.
I am not surprised to see what is going on now.
Fosamax=ALENDROLATE = FOSALAN [ in Israel ]  can cause osteonecrosis
of the jaw, or a rotting of the jaw bone.
if you wish read the article.

Lawsuit Alleges Merck Negligent

By THERESA AGOVINO, AP Business WriterWed Apr 12, 7:46 PM ET

Merck & Co, which is already facing a raft of cases over its pain
reliever Vioxx, may need to hire additional attorneys to fight a
recently filed lawsuit alleging the company was negligent in promoting
its osteoporosis drug Fosamax.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Fort
Myers, Fla., Fosamax is a defective product because it can cause
osteonecrosis of the jaw, or a rotting of the jaw bone. The suit,
which seeks class action status, alleges that Merck concealed and
continues to hide Fosamax’s potentially dangerous side effects from
patients and doctors.

Fosamax is Merck’s second best-selling drug with last year’s revenue
essentially flat at $3.2 billion.

In a statement, Merck said that in all of its clinical trials of
Fosamax, which have included more than 17,000 patients, it has not had
any reports of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Merck said that there have
been reports of patients taking Fosamax developing the condition but
that doesn’t necessarily mean the drug caused it.

Fosamax belongs to a category of drugs known as nitrogenous
bisphosphonates, according to the lawsuit. Some other drugs in that
category are used for chemotherapy and the lawsuit says medical
journals had been reporting a connection between those medicines and
the jaw condition. The suit contends that since Fosamax is in the same
class of drugs, Merck should have known its product could lead to such

The lawsuit further alleges that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
asked Merck to add a warning to Fosamax’s label in August of 2004 and
that it has yet to comply with that request.

Merck counters that it received a request from the FDA to update the
label with information about the condition in January 2005. It says
that by July 2005 information regarding the problem was on the label.

But Tim O’Brien, who filed the suit, said the information in the label
isn’t an adequate warning.

The FDA didn’t immediately return a call Wednesday.

Merck faces nearly 10,000 lawsuits Vioxx, which it withdrew from the
market in September 2004 after a study showed it doubled patients risk
of heart attacks and strokes.

Merck shares fell 21 cents to close at $33.85 Wednesday on the New
York Stock Exchange.

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