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[I am trying since long to spread this important experience as much as possible]
Until now only used by my patients, extended families and friends.

Also -like former years- I saw spectacular very fast results [often better the next morning!] with tincture of Portulaca [oleracea] in cases of flu/influenza.

I am working with portulaca since 2009 [see below , why]

In 2019 I was happily surprised to see an article from Taiwan which was confirming my experience: TAIWAN

[Portulaca tea for influenza]

By now I have treated tens of Corona patients, who were officially diagnosed as such.

A part of them- with clear symptoms of Corona [ loss of smell / taste] were not tested.

Anyhow I don’t wait and I advise to start portulaca straight away in case of “flu-like” symptoms. [ I would find it not ethical to wait with the experience I already have]

Since the Corona outbreak I advised every adult to take daily 30 drops of Portulaca oleracea.[except in pregnancy and patients on coumadine] as a preventive.

Some patients with severe Corona [beforehand not my patients] have been healed by Portulaca and thanks God, no fatalities until this day [ end Sept 2020]

Sometimes the portulaca was combined with esberitox.[ an echinacea supplement] or very often with echinacea as such]

Most of my patients are taking already for many years vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 and many also supplemental zinc and selenium [from brazil nuts] and often magnesium.

Many hundreds- if not thousands of patients[ including those who were advised by friends to take portulaca] have taken the tincture and I can’t be that mistaken [for so many years] about its effectiveness.

It is sad and a pity that it is not being tried by others as well.

I hope full-heartedly that you may help spread the message.

I have whatsoever no other interest in this than to see that an easy cheap method may help so many.
Dr. harold jitschak bueno de mesquita, Jerusalem tel +972586823541

Why Portulaca?
On what basis was my decision to use Portulaca for flu since the last swine flu in 2009.
Portulaca might prevent life-threatening alveolar edema in humans with flu.

In November 2009 I adopted an article from Life extension who was the first to quote from FASEB the following:
“In a journal of experimental biology it was shown that glutathione ester might prevent life-threatening alveolar edema in humans with flu”.
It is known that supplements of glutathione are in general badly absorbed.

From the famous website of James Duke [Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases at the USDA] I was so lucky to find two natural sources to be very rich in glutathione.

One is the vegetable Purslane[Portulaca],the other is spinach.

This finding led me to use Portulaca in the swine-flu of 2009, and during many years thereafter and then again in 2019, with incredible good results , very rapid healing of all flu patients
Since the covid-19 epidemic I include patients with doubtful or established covid-19 and give portulaca for prevention and therapy as well.

As I wrote above: Since the Corona outbreak I advised every adult to take daily 30 drops of Portulaca oleracea.[except in pregnancy and patients on coumadine]

As stated above in September of 2019 an article from Taiwan was published by Elsevier about Portulaca [as a tea] and influenza.

This article was totally ignored by the medical community probably because there are no financial benefits to gain…?

I sent this article also to the Consumerlab in the USA and it was approved and published on their website even if they did not wish to recommend Portulaca officially

ApprovedConsumerLab  3/15/2020