BMJ  2003;327:451 (23 August)

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Cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves can help inflammation of any body part

EDITOR—I was amazed to see the photograph submitted byUtting and Currall.1 Not amazed that a cabbage leaf was used,but that this was considered newsworthy.

Cabbage leaves are often used by breast-feeding women to sootheengorged painful breasts. Their success in my personal trialof one has led to my recommendation of them, not only to breastfeedingwomen but to any one with an acutely inflamed bodily part,with reasonable success.

A cabbage stored in the fridge is cheaper than any of the excitinggel filled pouches you can buy, and the leaves conform wellto a variety of anatomical shapes.

Alison Munns, general practitioner

Hall Grove Group Practice, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 4PL

Competing interests: Mother and user of product.


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