VITAMIN B6: Can be bought as such or in the more active fromP-5-P [P5P] which the body can use often easier then B6 itself.

This vitamin has remarkable positive ffects in many conditions and it  is often under-used when it could be helpful.

  • In pregnancy diabetes it can help control the diabetes.
  • Often very helpful in CTS [carpal tunnel syndrome]
  • Patient on all kind of drugs may be lacking B6.
  • It is likely that B6 also has an important function in the treatment of various cancers.
  • Melanoma is one of them. [see part of article below]

These are just a few facts about B6 .

Many patients will feel better is it is prescribed to them.

Ask you doctor, when and how much to take and for how long.
Very high doses of B6 may cause nerve damage.

Part of article:

Patients with breast , or colon, bladder , or laryngeal  cancers, and or Hodgkin’s disease   have lower plasma PLPlevels compared with healthy controls. In vitro studies have shown that
pharmacologic doses of vitamin B6 (from 0.25 to 5 mM) inhibit cell proliferation and protein synthesis in HepG2 human hepatoma cells, human malignant melanoma  and human
lymphocytes . Mice pretreated with pyridoxal followed by injection of B16 melanoma cells had a 62% reduction in tumor weight compared to controls (11). These results suggest that vitamin B6 may have potential use as anantineoplastic agent

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