Chronic Perforated eardrum………. a Chinese secret םוד סיני חור בעור התוף

After an ear infection, children and adults can get a perforated eardrum.

This normally heals spontaneously after a shorter or longer time.

Occasionally this does not happen, and the drum may be left with a “hole” [”chor”]

The ear may be dry or secreting “constantly” or periodically for years.

In this case, a specialist has to be consulted, primarily to exclude a “nasty condition”, called cholesteatoma, which may cause destruction of the bones.

There is little to offer for a chronic perforation except for surgery.

The chance exists, however, that shortly after the surgery, the problem starts all over again, and everything was done in vain [le-hevel]

Bacterial cultures of the ear secretion and repeated antibiotics have shown to be of little use.

There is one- seldom used- treatment option I saw once published in a Chinese journal and which I have advised a couple of times to patients, but few patients seem to be prepared to use this method, probably because it takes some time and effort.

Simply: put a bit of crushed garlic every night in a very tiny “bag’” in the ear channel.

The garlic should not touch the skin directly.

The only problem is making the tiny miniature bag with a cord/thread connected to it that hangs out of the ear so that the garlic will not disappear in the middle ear. There should also be a thread connected which can close the bag by pulling at it.

This has to be done for a longer time.

I am writing this now because today I saw a female patient [now for another problem] who told me that the drum which has been open for longer than 10 years [and an operation was not very succesful] got closed after this treatment with garlic..

She was very handy in making these little bags herself [not available in shops!!], which could be closed by pulling on a string and be put safely in the ear channel

If any child or adult has such a condition, this lady [and there a few more] is [are] willing to make this little bag [of course for some fee] in case you want to try this treatment, and you are not “that handy”.[ sorry, I lost track of her ]

Sometimes hard to understand why these described methods are not used before anything else.

Therefore I try to be a “missionary” for this neglected part of medicine and join me by spreading these messages.

By the way: there is another extremely dangerous condition [which I have never seen] which also seems to been treated with success by the Chinese with garlic

The following is copied from the internet for you

Cryptococcal meningitis is a life-threatening infection that can occur if there has been exposure to a fungus called Cryptococcus neoformans. This fungus is found in the environment worldwide, particularly in soil contaminated with bird droppings.

How is Cryptococcal meningitis treated?

When a person is diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis, treatment with antifungals begins immediately. These medications are usually given intravenously (directly into the vein). Amphotericin B and fluconazole (Diflucan) are the most common drugs used to treat the infection. Once the infection has been treated, it is recommended that the person remains on one of these drugs for the rest of their life to prevent the infection from returning again.

What about the Chinese experience with garlic, I would ask again?

Be healthy!!