Of course, this is a real surgical issue, examination and diagnosis.
So why I am sending this short mail?

Because an article in a major medical Dutch journal described various mistakes that were made with the diagnoses, including US “confirmations of a hernia.
This is not the place to describe the problem[wil not help you] but unless there is a clear swelling and other clear surgical findings don’t hurry to accept the diagnosis herna and to schedule an operation. [Even with a hernia for sure diagnosed an operation is often nof necessary!!]

This all sounds a bit strange of course after so many years of experience with this common medical condition.
It may be advisable to be examined as well by an experienced physiotherapist [or maybe an osteopath] as sometimes simple muscular problems [“adductor spasms”] or other well known muscular problems may cause pain in the “inguinal area” and surgeons may not be always aware of this [a hernia in many cases is hardly painful] and an operation may then be of no benefit and the complaints will continue and evenmay become chronic.