I don’t know if you are familiar with the word STYE [in medical Latin the  word is HORDEOLUM  in Hebrew  Se-ora], if not then you can look it up on Google[ write hordeolum and click on images [ I hope you know what I mean] and you will see what it looks like. It is an acute inflammation of the eyelid, and one sees and feels a lump.
You probably has seen it with a friend [or maybe had it yourself once]
An hordeolum is not dangerous and heals itself after a short while in general.
To speed up the healing there is a very-as it seems-old traditional method which I know from my parents z”l and I think most people in Suriname know/knew about this.
In Israel it seems to be less known.
Take a golden ring and rub this on wool or another piece of cloth until It warms up a bit and then hold the warm ring against the sty.
Do this often per day, and you may not have to walk around with a big sty if you do this as early as possible when a sty comes up.

A chalazion is also a lump in the eyelid but normally not inflamed as is the case with a hordeolum and can last for weeks or months, whereas a hordeolum normally disappears in a short time.
Homeopathic treatment can be useful for a chalazion if it does not disappear spontaneously [ instead of a [small] operation]

Any doctor can easily differentiate between these two conditions.

Homeopathically Staphysagria can often be useful but there are more remedies possible such as Graphites and Calc fluor ——- Antibiotic ointments are useless!!