All of you will know about this company, I suppose.

I rarely write about the honesty of companies or about their service, but today I decided to write a few words about Amazon, which I have worked with for some 23 years since I had a computer.

I don’t consider this a waste of my time because if there is real good/honesty in our world, it is worth mentioning, even if the company does it for their own vast profit.

I bought hundreds of books [mostly medical books[and some Tora books] from Amazon over these 23 years, and many as Kindle books.

Sometimes -after years, I wanted to order a Kindle book and forgot that I had once purchased it.

Amazon wilt on the spot will let you know that the book was already purchased on a specific date in the past[even after many years]

I have seen other sites where this would not happen, and you may pay again for the same book you already bought [ebook]. It may sound logical that Amazon does this, but it is not a general rule for all companies.


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Amazon also allows buying a Kindle book, to be able to look through it and receive a refund if you don’t want the book [within a week]

Their service [chat] is incredible !! For anything!

If you ever want to purchase a device or whatever, look first at Amazon for the “critics” of other buyers, and you may decide to buy or not to buy.

This possibility to write your[ dis]appreciation of any product that was bought is a big help and extremely fair that Amazon published[]as far as I know] and critic

Today I received a mail from Amazon, which made me decide that it is time to write about their “good practice” and no wonder that Amazon flourished so greatly.

There is no conflict of interest with all I am writing; I do not get any benefits from them!! This is my own initiative.

If Amazon had not written to me, I would not have known about any refund[as small as it may be]

It is a small thing but “big” at the same time.
6:11 PM (3 hours ago)
to me


We’re writing to let you know we processed your refund of ILS42.66 for your Order 114-1252546-5955424 from Amazon Export Sales LLC.

Reason for refund: Export fee reduced

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    Import Fee Deposit Refund: ILS42.66

Another highly praised company in my assessment
There are more good and honest companies. If you have exceptional good experience with a company/service, plea