It is not uncommon to get a telephone call or an e-mail from a patient who asks for immediate relief [“emergency treatment] of “intolerable pain “ from haemorrhoids.

Of course, there are many possibilities and I sent you in the past an “essay” about 2 treatments,

I will repeat the e-mail after sending you below a copy of a letter from the parents of a patient describing her experience.

About the second issue, they wrote me about I will try to answer at the end of the letter.

Dear Dr. Mesquita,

Baruch Hashem, our daughter …….. is feeling much better after using the eggplant and green bananas for her hemorrhoids. She said that when she ate the green banana it was the most delicious taste she ever tasted and she was sure it would do her good. After eating the green bananas, instead of having pain for 11 hours after a bowel movement, she had pain only 2 hours. Then only half an hour. Thank you very much! I hope she will contact you regarding continued treatment.

We had many giant cockroaches (as well as smaller ones) in our bathrooms and ants everywhere, and we couldn’t stand it any more and called an exterminator. He filled our house with poison. We were out of the house for two days, but the house is still so full of the odour of poison that I feel I cannot breathe in this house, and I feel very dizzy and weak. We are very sorry that we didn’t ask your advice before, but now we need to ask your advice on how to survive the smell and effect of the poison and not get sick. I already feel sick. (In the past, the poison was not so strong, but of course now we are older.) We may try to call you tonight.

With blessings for your health and the health of your family,

My answer to the polluted air:

 Dear family,

cut a few onions and put them on different spots in the room[s]

also, put fresh basilicum leaves in various places in the room.

I hope this will speed up the recovery

Resent e-mail about HEMORRHOIDS


Apply as often and as long as you want


A few notes about hemorrhoids [hamorrhoids], just some first aid methods.[and possibly much more than first aid]

For the various options of long-term treatment consult a “natural” doctor.

The last thing to think about is surgery, which I consider for his condition a very primitive method, in the negative sense of the word.

There are many possible herbal treatments as well as homeopathic options

The most important issue here is of course nutrition here. First aid: eat a lot of butter during attacks of hemorrhoids.

[Maybe next time more about this and the experiences of Dr. Burkitt in Africa.]