Cardamom, in Hebrew known as Hel [הל]
Another weapon against flu [corona?]
Elettaria cardamomum is the best, real one [green cardamom]
There are “false cardamoms on the market.
A very well known spice, quite expensive, but less so than saffron.
The Arab population uses it in their coffee.[I do myself as well]
It can be used with milk products and will reduce the slime producing effect of milk.
It is nearly always part of curries and can be used in cakes etc
According to the Swiss naturopathic doctor -Dr. Vogel z”l- cardamom would help reduce possible palpitations caused by strong coffee.
Cardamon also has a blood-thinning effect and may help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
Cardamom is rich in camphor and eucalyptus [see below: used to prevent flu!!]
The best is to buy the pods and grind them freshly.
The powder quickly loses its effects, certainly well not closed very well.
It is an excellent spice for the digestion, bloating, gas and can help improve appetite,
Safe also for babies and in pregnancy in small amounts.
For babies with reflux [for which I always advise asafoetida as drops, D6]
It can ease cough and asthma, help reduce steroid use [for those who use steroids for asthma], and reduce hoarseness. Also very useful for sinusitis.
In India, gargling with cardamom is believed to prevent influenza.
It can relieve stress and headaches.
Chew for fresh breath and to reduce a garlic “breath-smell”.
An adult can easily put a flattened teaspoon of the powder in his coffee or tea.[see below: blood pressure]
Cardamom has proven to be useful for hypertension.
I likely also has a healing effect on a fatty liver.
I have little doubt that the intensive daily use of spices in the Indian kitchen is helping to reduce so much Corona in this billion population [ asafoetida, cardamon, curcumin, curries etc]
These results indicate that cardamom exhibits gut excitatory and inhibitory effects mediated through cholinergic and Ca++ antagonist mechanisms, respectively and lowers BP via both pathways. The diuretic and sedative effects may offer added value in its use in hypertension and epilepsy.J Ethnopharmacol. 2008 Feb 12;115(3):463-72. Epub 2007 Oct 22
Green Cardamom Reduces Steatosis, Improves Glucose Indices and Lipid Profiles in Patients with NAFLD