Gossip in the gut: Quorum sensing, a new player in the host-microbiota interactions

Another kind of gossip, fitting with our Parasha Tazria In this case happily a positive rechilut [gossip]


Bacteria are known to communicate with each other and regulate their activities in social networks by secreting and sensing signaling molecules called autoinducers, a process known as quorum sensing (QS).

More and more, newer science recognizes that a healthy gut is a “healthy brain”!{this was already known in the time of Maimonides [Rambam] It was claimed in former ages, in words like “bad gasses” ascend” to the brain but modern medicine claimed that there was no connection between the gut and the brain until recently. so all this was put in the geniza [“dustbin”] by modern medicine. It is now understood that detrimental gasses formed by disturbed digestion and disturbed bacteria flora ascend -via the blood, of course-to the brain[we don’t need pipes[tzinorot for this]