An excellent “antibiotic”, not harmful for intestinal bacteria. We should all have it!!

Indian Cress / Nasturtium is used for colds, flu and for treating lung problems / infections (bronchitis, dry cough, etc.)

Other internal uses include scurvy, genito-urinary infections, poor skin and hair conditions. Nasturtium is a blood builder and may also be useful for anemia and exhaustion. The plant is reputed to fight bacterial infections without attacking the intestinal flora. Nasturtium is also known for being an aphrodisiac.
Externally, fresh Nasturtium juice rubbed onto the head may stimulate hair growth (such as for Alopecia). It’s antiseptic properties also make it useful to treat fungus, athlete’s foot, skin eruptions and to disinfect wounds when nothing else is available.
Indian Cress can also be used as a food. The leaves and flowers

can be added to a salad, the unripe fruit can be prepared as a substitute for capers, the green seed pods can be pickled, and the ripe seeds (roasted and ground) can also be added to meals.

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