Probably you all have heard of nutmeg and many may have it in their kitchen and use it regularly. Of course, you can find “all information” of this spice on the internet, so I just want to mention a few interesting, maybe less known facts.
Nutmeg in an ointment have been described to have an anti-aging effect and may prevent wrinkles. By stating this first I am sure this article will be read….!!]
It may also protect the skin from the negative effects of overexposure to the sun.
Nutmeg should be used only in small amounts.
If you “want to fly” then take it in big amounts [don’t do!] but before that you will start vomiting….this is the reason why nutmeg has never become a “recreational street drug”
Now summing up some more possible ideas for which nutmeg may be useful:
Memory /learning, depression, anxiety, increasing libido, lowering lipids[cholesterol], anti-epileptic effect[don’t stop drugs!!]

A very special gift it may be for”difficult to treat diarrhoea”[for example in cancer patients, lo alenu].
Also in diarrhoea caused by rotavirus it can be very helpful and saving a lot of suffering. It can be sprinkled on a piece of apple for example or in apple sauce for children.
For use in the kitchen: look up articles on the internet.