For learning some anatomy of the described tear duct problems in this e-mail ,click on the links below

Especially in small children [babies] one or both tearducts may be [partialy] blocked during the first year of life.

This can lead sometimes to eye infections or often excessive tearing.

In my experience there was never a need for intervention[“opening the tear duct mechanically” by probing]

You may try the following homeopathic formula for a few weeks or months and be surprised with the results:

Print this for the homeopathic pharmacy:

thiosinaminum/ silica/ petroleum, equal parts, all of them as D30 , all the three remedies in one bottle, totally 50 cc.

To give some 4 times a day [or in case of breastfeeding before every feed] some 3 drops on the tongue[precise amount not critical]


Very nice animation of a blocked tear duct: click on the blue link below

Recently I gave this mixture to an older lady who suffered tremendous from the same problem for a long time  and it also worked beaitifully.