[KERATO] CONJUNCTIVITIS  Keratoconjunctivitis is a viral infection, usually caused by an adenovirus and occurs in small epidemics.  Infected towels can spread the infection.  A week after infection, acute conjunctivitis develops in one eye, and a few days later in the other. Very often a lymph node in front of the ear becomes swollen which is quite characteristic , but more often so with children who get the infection for the first time. The infection can last for some 3 weeks or so. Treatment with antibiotic drops is useless! This is also so for BACTERIAL infections of the eye where antibiotics don’t help. But always do what your eye doctor tells you to do unless your home doctor gives other instructions. Fennel tea washings can be soothing, don’t use chamomile here [often irritating]Washings with curcum[turmeric] may be very useful [1/4 teaspoon or less in a glass of water, strain via a handkerchief so as not to get grains of the curcum in the eye. Side effect: “nice yellow cheeks”, so don’t do this before your sun’s bar mitzva or marriage.