We have wonderful surgeons in Israel [ BE-CHOL ZOT…..may none of us need them]

Surgery has been referred to as “benign violence” (Waldron EE 1985)—an appropriate term for the calculated and deliberate wounding of a human body, even when the goal is the noble one of curing disease.

What is less wonderful is the preparation before surgery .

I still have to see a patient who was told what to take before and after surgery[I am not speaking about heparine/clexan or antibiotics : very important things!! ] to reduce the risks and speed up the healing.

Really quite a bit is known about all this now a days, but as it seems not applied.

It is simple but still to complicated to write  a general program

“covering” the potentially problems  of every patient schedules for surgery before surgery.

In general maybe one can say that extra vitamin C and plenty of curcum before and after surgery may do a lot of good, but even so one should be aware that even with “innocent”curcum one should be careful if there are [large] gall bladder stones [cholelithiasis]

Vitamin E can be important but don’t take it without discussing it  because it may increase bleeding.

Extra Zinc is nearly a must for everybody.

Eating extra fish before a operation may do a lot of good.

Vitamin A maybe of major importance as well.

For heart patients q10 and taurine may be useful,but all of this I write you only to make you aware of the various possibilities which may make a operation safer.

May this e-mail be “only” of theoretical interest to you!