A bit about homeopathy [written for beit knesset Aderet Eliyahu]

With what can I help you, I ask to the patient who comes in?
I don’t know where to start says Mrs Rachel while taking a deep sigh.
She looks quite sad.
I have recently so often headaches, and on top of this all also muscle twitches in my face and also lately I had a few times a very stiff neck, when I could hardly turn my neck for a few days. A neurologist asked even for a CT scan but could not find anything
She is yawing and I ask here is she is tired……….no, is the answer but lately I have the need to yawn as if I am lacking air.
When did this all started, I asked? I think it began after I lost one of my best friends some 6 moths ago.
Rachel get one little tablet IGNATIA 10 M under her tongue and some 2 weeks later she feels “reborn”.

Moshe is brought by his mother,even if he could have come alone.
The problem: a terrible low self esteem ,constant feeling of being not worth anything.
He often says that he feels like he is in a dream, likes things are not real.
One thing I saw , says the mother, is that when he does not feel well then eating seems to be the [temporarily] solution, working like a sedative.
But a short while after eating he feels bad again
Does he feels always better after eating, whatever his complaints are, I ask? Yes it seems so says the mother.
Does he very much wants to prove himself, I ask?
O, yes,, affirms the mother,he even stole something to prove to his friends that he dares to do so………not because he needed this at all.
He gets one dose of ANACARDIUM 200 under the tongue and gradually improves in all aspects.

Mrs Rivka is 43 years old and is desperate about very strong recurring headaches.
I nearly poison myself with painkillers which even do not always help,she relates.
The headaches are the worst before the menstruation.
Asking her where the headaches are located, she says that they are always at the left side and adds that it recently came up in her mind that whenever she has any physical problem in life , it mostly affected the left side of her body.
How are the headaches during the menstruation, I ask her?
The moment the menstruation starts, especially if it is strong. she headaches miraculously disappear, she says with certainity.
Does she ever wears a “golf”[cloth].O, I can’t stand that she says straight away, no clothing which is tight ,certainly not around my neck . This question was asked by me to confirm if the homeopathic remedy LACHESIS would be fitting
[ made from snake poison][remember snakes may strangle:neck!]
And it did ,it helped her out of her problems: again a single tablet dissolved under the tongue.

These are just a few lucky samples of homeopathic remedies where sometimes as a single dose may resolve complex, even longstanding problems where our now a days medicine can only -at the best- offer symptomatic relief with all its side effects.
It is not that common and simple to find straight away a homeopathic remedy for “every problem”, sometimes/often other methods have to be used and sometimes with the best efforts one does not find the right homeopathic remedy [where really quite a bit of siata d’smaya is needed……]
For problems of the muscular skeletal system for example acupuncture may be easier and more straight forward
What should be clear from the above examples ,is that symptoms which are totally not important in modern medicine [sighing,left side,tight clothing etc] are of huge importance to find a homeopathic remedy, symptoms which are unique for a certain person.
There is not just headache but headache combined with all sorts of other specific symptoms for a certain patient.
Lachesis may be useless for a patient with headache which starts with the menstruation and which is right sided.
Now a description-not of a particular patient- but of one of the homeopathic remedies and its characteristics.[that means the variety of characteristics that a person may have [or often just partially] to whom this remedy may fit.
The most outstanding symptoms of a remedy which makes the remedy quite unique are called the KEY symptoms.
These symptoms may belong to the mental area or maybe just physical or be very particular and strange. A person may feel often as if he has a hair on the tongue,but there is none! [“as if” symptoms]
SEPIA: [inkfish]: the Dancer
very often and mostly a women remedy.
If it concerns children : the girl is often negative and moody and listlessness The child will not like to sit on your nap but may push you away,the child is rather cool and reserved.
She often closes herself of from friends and even from her family [leave me alone]
The child or adult loves to dance and everything gets better if she can dance![or do any vigorous sport]I have seen this again and again when sepia fits!!
It is remarkable to see how a simple question can lead one to a real treatment,when some of the other keynotes are also in the picture.
A sepia person often knows “perfectly” well the weak spots of another and can making cutting,cynical remarks which they often later regret.
Many women has been healed by sepia when there is a feeling of prolapse [uterine prolapse,urine incontinence],sometimes the feeling of healing [the raising of the uterus] happens instantly,like as if surgery was done,a most remarkable effect I have witnessed in the clinic]
Sepia women may sometimes become quite indifferent to their family and may get an aversion of being touched. [loss of libido]
The mother may be disinterested to feed her baby after birth and may be depressed.
There is much more to tell about sepia but one “exciting” story I would like to share with you.
The down stair neighbors found themselves with an acute problem: the cat which had just delivered refused to feed the kittens.
As they thought about an infections of the nipples they asked the veterinary for antibiotics but to no avail.
Comparing this cat behavior tho a woman after birth I suggested sepia and within an hour or so mother and kittens were the best friends again!
If you are interested in reading some more nice basics about homeopathy then I would advise the booklet from the late Dr. Margery G. Blackie called :The Challenge of Homeopathy [was appointed as physician to the Queen of England [Elisabeth the second] in 1969]
[the book is translated in Hebrew and available as ha-edgar she-be-homeopatia]

An happy Chanuka with maybe also some reading about the miraculous art-science, called homeopathy.